• DPhil Mathematics, Oxford, 'Post-quantum cryptography'. Supervisors: Dr. Ali Kaafarani, Prof. Liqun Chen, 2017-Present.

  • MSc Mathematics, Royal Holloway University of London, 'Mathematics for communications and cryptography', 2016-17.

  • MSci Mathematics, University College London (UCL), 2012-2016.


  1. Patrick Hough, A lower bound for biases amongst products of two primes. Research in Number Theory, 3(1):19, Sep 2017. Link

  2. L-DAA: Lattice-Based Direct Anonymous Attestation, 1, May, 2018. Link

Research Interests

I'm interested in lattice-based anonymous digital signatures for implementation in a TPM chip whose aim is to bring quantum-resistant cryptography to all devices containing them. 

More broadly I am interested in lattice-based cryptography and the development of privacy enhancing technologies for use in the post-quantum era. 

Upcoming Travel

12th-14th Nov, 2018, Dfinity/IBM, Zurich.

Previous Travel

19th-23rd Sep, 2018, Dfinity Zurich.

May-August, 2018, IBM Research, Zurich.

29th April-3rd May, 2018, Eurocrypt 2018, Tel Aviv, Israel.  

21st-22nd Dec, 2017, Monthly lattice and crypto meeting, ENS Lyon, France.

16th-17th Nov 2017, Monthly lattice and crypto meeting, ENS Lyon, France.